Catholic schools change lives.

Catholic schools make an enormous difference for students, preparing them in all dimensions (spiritually, intellectually, morally, and physically) for life and all of its challenges. Catholic schools instill enduring values of service, accountability and social justice, in a safe and nurturing environment, producing service-minded graduates with the capacity to make positive change in their parishes, their communities and the world.

Research suggests that students from disadvantaged backgrounds, in particular, benefit from a Catholic school education. Some studies indicate that the more disadvantaged a child is, the greater the relative achievement gains he or she experiences in a Catholic school.


Students from at-risk backgrounds attending Catholic schools are 42% more likely to graduate high school than their public school peers.

Catholic school education played an instrumental role in the person I have become. It challenged me through academics, introduced me to a strong community of friends that I still have today, and gave me a foundational art education that undoubtedly led to my career as an art director in advertising. I am incredibly thankful for everything my education gave me and for the generosity of others who made it possible.


Catholic schools shape students who will shape a better world.

Catholic school graduates are more likely to:

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Give to charity

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Go to church

Source: Research compiled by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (2016)
My first year at Central Catholic was possible with the help of family and friends. Subsequent years were uncertain. Catholic school education is expensive, but my parents wanted to do everything they could to keep me enrolled. I threw myself into my studies, student government, theater and athletics. I was motivated to succeed and graduate from CC as the best way to express gratitude to all those who support tuition assistance.

Liam Rowley, Central Catholic High School, Oregon State University

Catholic schools save taxpayers money.

Students enrolled in Catholic schools in Western Oregon instead of public schools save taxpayers $168,468,000 per year.

Source: Graham-Pelton Catholic Services report, 2017