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Make Your Gift Your Legacy With Planned Giving

Making a planned gift to CSEF is a wonderful way to affirm your belief in the value of Catholic school education

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Every family who wants a Catholic school education for their child should have that opportunity.

That simple vision is the reason for the Catholic Schools Endowment Foundation of Oregon. We operate independently from the Archdiocese of Portland, supporting families by providing tuition assistance to students throughout Western Oregon, no matter which Catholic school they wish to attend or which neighborhood they live in.

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Catholic education reinforces, in our kids, the kinds of things we try to teach in our home. Love and respect for others, tolerance, generosity, compassion, and simply being a good person. It is what is expected in our Catholic schools. It is the standard.


The word “catholic” means all-embracing.

It means you belong here, no matter where you come from or how much money your family has. But the economics of Catholic education have changed. For many families in Western Oregon, the costs can be prohibitive – shutting them out of Catholic schools and the life-changing benefits they provide.

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All children deserve a chance to succeed.

Oregon is home to thousands of Catholic school graduates, alumni families, and supporters. We know how Catholic schools shaped us and the children in our lives, in ways that pay lifelong dividends.


Students from at-risk backgrounds attending Catholic schools are 42% more likely to graduate high school than their public school peers.


98% of students who attend Catholic high school graduate. Of those, 88% attend 4-year colleges.

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Share the gifts of a Catholic school education.

Catholic schools instill a responsibility to use our gifts to care for others and an enduring belief in serving our community. When you invest with CSEF, you’re acting on those same values. You’re investing in a child who, through a Catholic education, will grow up to strengthen and contribute to a better world. And you are sending a powerful and inclusive message to Oregon families: If you want to be here, you can.



Make Your Gift Your Legacy With Planned Giving

Are you interested in creating a lasting legacy for future generations of Catholic school students? Consider including the Catholic Schools Endowment Foundation of Oregon in your estate plan. With each passing year, CSEF has been able to share more award funds with a greater number of families than each preceding year. Your planned gift could...
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