Make Your Gift Your Legacy With Planned Giving

Are you interested in creating a lasting legacy for future generations of Catholic school students? Consider including the Catholic Schools Endowment Foundation of Oregon in your estate plan.

With each passing year, CSEF has been able to share more award funds with a greater number of families than each preceding year. Your planned gift could enable us to keep growing our endowment and reach even more families in need of tuition assistance.

Planned gifts are not just for the wealthy: anyone who makes a will can make a planned gift. Making a bequest – or giving through a will or trust – doesn’t affect your everyday cash flow. At the same time, it can have substantial tax benefits. This makes planned giving a simple, painless, and smart way to support the causes that are important to you.

There are several ways to help. Gifts of appreciated securities are easy and tax efficient. A qualified charitable distribution from your IRA avoids the ordinary income tax on that amount. Charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts also have nice tax advantages as well as providing income. These are just a few examples.

Making a planned gift to CSEF is a wonderful way to affirm your belief in the value of Catholic school education by helping to keep it accessible to families for decades to come. Please consider creating a legacy for yourself, a beloved family member or friend with a generous gift to CSEF that will remove financial barriers for families in the future.

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