Covid Update

Dear Friends,

These are unique times! The ripple effects of the COVID 19 pandemic are being felt in nearly every facet of our lives.
I’d like to share with you what is happening in our Catholic elementary and high schools. Under the strength and steady leadership of the Department of Catholic Schools, our teachers continue to work full time to engage our elementary and high school students through on-line or distance learning. Our children can and will continue their Catholic school education and fulfill their obligations to remain on the proper trajectory to finish the year successfully. Our principals and teachers are committed to making that happen.

The economic effects on families have yet to be fully realized, but initially, the COVID crisis is resulting in layoffs on a scale that the we have not seen for a very long time. In this environment, meeting Catholic school tuition obligations will be severely impacted for many families across the diocese.

The Catholic Schools Endowment Foundation exists to support families and to keep Catholic school education accessible. In collaboration with the diocesan elementary schools we identify and support families across western Oregon who demonstrate the greatest remaining need.

I appeal for all of us to open our purse strings instead of pulling them tighter, to share the gift of a Catholic school education with those directly impacted by layoffs and closures, to see them and their children through these unique times. Such a response truly celebrates the very values that make Catholic school education so exceptional—living as Christian witnesses in service to others.

Amidst all of the uncertainty, let us hold on to what we know for certain. Together, we will face these challenges and we will prevail.

If you would like to help, go to to make your tax-deductible contribution. In the “Designation” drop down menu, select “Grants Program for Immediate Tuition Assistance.”

Or please mail a check to: Catholic Schools Endowment Foundation of Oregon, 2838 E. Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214

Thank you so much.

With prayers for your safety and good health,
Peter Corrado, Executive Director

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